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commissions - terms of service

♦ Contact me at [email protected] with your request and references
♦ Payment via paypal invoice after you approve the sketch.
♦ I will take 2-5 weeks to finish a commission (if due to unforeseen circumstances it takes longer, I'll inform you of it). You will be charged extra for major changes late into the process.
♦ I will send you the finished artwork via e-mail.
All prices in USD.
headshot: 20$
half body: 35$
full body: 55$
♦ The prices above refer to fully shaded work with lineart. Want just flat colors? That’ll be 25% off!
♦ Prices may vary depending on the design/pose complexity.
♦ Second character is 50% of the price of the first.
Props & environment backgrounds are negotiable - I'm open to doing them if they aren't extremely elaborate. Simple backgrounds are included in the price.
♦ These are rates for personal use commissions. If you want something to be used commercially, we can discuss the pricing individually.
If you want something that doesn’t quite fit into the categories above, let me know and we’ll figure out the pricing!

Will draw:
♦ OCs
♦ Fanart (any fandoms)
♦ VTubers (can make a pngtuber avatar!)
♦ Ship art
Basically anything not listed under „won’t draw” - as long as it's within my abilities, more or less in line with my typical work, and isn't making me uncomfortable
May or may not draw, ask me:
♦ Mild nudity/suggestive - depends if I'm comfortable with it
♦ Furries - depends on the design
Won’t draw:
♦ Very muscular characters
♦ Detailed animals (pets are okay if the focus is humanoid characters)
♦ Hardcore gore
♦ Explicit NSFW/fetish
♦ Complicated machinery/weapons

♦ I may refuse a commission for any reason.
♦ If I am unable to complete your commission I will partially or fully refund you. Finished commissions are non-refundable.
♦ I will post the finished commission on my social media, unless you request otherwise.
♦ The commissioner (and the person the commission was for, if applicable) can repost the finished commission with credit anywhere, and use it however they'd like (eg. printing) as long as it's within the scope of personal, non-commercial usage.
(Commercial usage commissions will fall under different terms, on a case-by-case basis.) However, I do not allow my art to be used in any hateful / discriminatory ways.
Under no circumstances may my commission art, or any art I've made, be used for NFTs.
♦ Questions? Just ask via e-mail or on twitter (@silentfrgmnt)